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On Sequels and Big Dreams

A month after my first novel, “Wild Heart” came out in paperback, readers began asking for a sequel. I hadn’t plan to write one, but with the question came thoughts and ideas for another Western. Characters from “Wild Heart” started talking inside my head, and before I knew it I had a story. It took a year or so to finish, and I was ecstatic.

I took my sequel to a WV Writer’s conference in the summer of 2010, and pitched my book to two agents. I was nervous, and I’m sure I did not say the right things, but they listened. The one said to email her the first chapter. The gentleman said it wasn’t the genre he usually worked in and thanked me before sending for the next potential published author.

Believing my dreams were coming true, I came home and sent the email. I waited on pins and needles for her reply. When it came, my heart sank. “Too slow,” she said.

I moped for a few days, but then decided it was high time to revise the story. I did so, then prayed for the Lord to show me what next i should do.

“To Tame A Heart”, sequel to “Wild Heart” was published through Create Space in February of 2011. Today you can read it in paperback or on your kindle from Amazon. Or, if you want an audio copy, you can listen to a sample and download it from Audible.

Being a full time homeschool mom doesn’t allow much time or funds for wild goose chases. As a result, I haven’t pitched a book to another agent since then. However, I have kept writing and publishing. The most important thing I’ve done is give my writing to the Master Storyteller. He gave me the ideas in the first place. Looking back, I now can say I’m thankful neither one of those agents were interested. Do I still have a dream of a publishing contract? Sure, but maybe later on when the kids don’t need so much of my attention. Until then, I’ll keep writing and self publishing and praying. I will also keep learning and growing.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams. If it seems it’s all falling apart, remember to give them to the one who created you. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He will never fail.

Happy reading. 🙂

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