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From Westerns to Time Travel

What makes a writer go from Westerns to time travel? What makes an author choose Scotland rather than the Wild West? The answer is simply that I like to read different genres. Makes sense that I would write in different genres, too. Right?

What started it all? Well, I suppose it had something to do with the countless episodes of Dr. Who and Star Trek playing on my husband’s television set. Maybe, it had something to do with the medieval romance I had been reading. Then again, perhaps I was just looking for an escape from the bad weekend I was having. In any case, I dropped into my desk chair that Saturday morning and began to type. The end result is a Scottish, time travel romance from a Christian’s point of view.
I say it was a hard weekend, but in truth, the entire week had been hard. I was set to go to a library to talk about writing and to hopefully sell some books. Instead, I had stayed home that Tuesday because my youngest had a stomach virus. I wish I could have been celebrating Valentine’s Day, but instead I was cleaning up gross substances from my children, the floors and the beds. All week my girls were sick. Sleep? What was that? I’m thinking it was 2012, which means my girls were about 6 and 4. So, between sterilizing dishes, washing sheets and mopping floors I was needed on the sofa for some tender loving care. By the time Saturday arrived, I was sleep deprived and ready for a break.
“What if,” I thought, “a woman goes to Scotland for vacation and ends up in the 15th century? What if she is held at knife point and threatened with death if she doesn’t do as she is told? What if…” And, so it went until two years later I had a story that I call “A Moment in Time.”
The hero of “A Moment in Time” is Colin McQueen. He’s the laird, and he’s got some secrets. He is one of my most favorite characters, and it was so much fun writing about him. Bronwen is the heroine of the story, and in some ways she represents me before I met my husband. Putting these two together was a challenge, but it was fun, too. The spiritual thread throughout the book took some doing, but the Lord blessed me with truths straight from His word, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Just hop on over to Amazon and get your copy today.
Plans are in the works to get it put into audio, but that will take a few months. I would appreciate your prayers in the meantime. Happy reading, and have a blessed day.

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