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Random Thoughts on a Valentine’s Day

Okay, so I tried to think of something profound to say about love. After all, it is Valentine’s Day and social media is buzzing with pics of lovy-dovey sayings and gifts. Nothing came to me, though. I started to feel discouraged, but then I remembered all that has been accomplished so far today in my home. I worked on my book I am writing, both girls have had their showers, we read Bible together, both girls finished their math assignments and got all correct, the laundry is clean and dry, Valentine cards are ready for the party at youth tonight, and the Lord reminded me through His word this morning, He will never leave me nor forsake me. So, instead of profound thoughts on love, here is a list of random thoughts running around in my head today.

  1. I really need to come up with a title for this WIP I’m working on. Calling it by the hero and heroine’s names doesn’t quite fit, especially when their are 2 heroes and 2 heroines.
  2. The only reason I wish I could go out to eat or have dinner delivered to me is so I won’t have to clean up afterward.
  3. I’m thankful for naps, and I’m hoping I get time for one this afternoon before my man comes home from work.
  4. Proud homeschool mom moment: When my girls found out they needed 40 Valentine’s Day cards for their party this evening and only had 32 in their boxes, they got creative and made extras using their imaginations. Who needs money for extra cards, when you have creativity?
  5. The clean laundry on my bed won’t put itself away.
  6. No greater joy than laughing with your children and giving and receiving hugs and kisses.
  7. Haagen Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream would be an excellent Valentine’s present.
  8. The Lord is gracious and merciful and better to me than I deserve.
  9. Wondering if 103,421 words and counting is too much for one book.
  10. Love is sharing your power cord, so the 9-year-old can play on her laptop.
  11. Too much Facebook makes me stupid.
  12. I really need to post this article so I won’t miss my nap.
  13. So blessed to have such good friends.
  14. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is hard but so worth it.
Happy Valentine’s Day. See you next Tuesday. ❤

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