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Readin’, Writin’ and Surviving the Dentist’s Drill

Last week I looked at the manuscript I am working on and felt overwhelmed. Two stories in one, over 106,000 words, it’s a bear to wrestle with, and I just wanted to set it aside and take a nap. So, that’s what I did…sort of. I shut my mac book down last Thursday evening, grabbed an old book I had downloaded on my phone and did very little on Friday except read. On Saturday, I went out with my husband, but while at home, I read. No computer. Sunday morning I turned it on for a few minutes to glance at blog stats on my other blog. Then, on a whim, I opened the story and looked over it. You know what? It’s not quite as scary-looking as it was Thursday evening. In fact, a few thousand words got deleted on purpose. Yesterday while eating ice cream for breakfast and prayerfully gearing myself up to go to the dentist to have some teeth worked on, I felt the Lord telling me, “All the story is there. You just need to sew it together so it makes sense to everyone else.” 🙂
I often tell friends my stories are like puzzles; once all the scenes are written, I just have to figure out where they go to make a picture. I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but it might be the same way with this monster of a story. Some would have us to believe that fiction has strict rules that must be followed. Since I’ve never been one to follow directions, I’m going to stop worrying about those rules and put down the story as it slides from my fingertips. Editing can be done later. In the meantime, old, familiar books can be enjoyed with no feelings of guilt. I’m studying my craft after all.
So, here we are today. It’s raining in my part of rural WV, and we’re attempting to get some school work done. I’m chilled and thinking about another cup of coffee. The laundry is going, and the dentist visit from yesterday is behind me. Oh, that “tzeeeeert-tzeeeeert” of the drill is fading from my memory, and the adrenalin rush is long gone. I did learn something while in the dentist’s chair, though. Singing a song to yourself while he is drilling away the decay in your teeth helps to make the time go faster. Also learned something else, yesterday while eating out with my girls and my aunt. Keeping napkins handy when your mouth is numb is a good idea. If you don’t, you could end up wearing your lunch. LOL

Happy Tuesday, y’all.

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