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Pondering a Story: Recess

In my neck of the woods, it’s spring break. Friends on FB are posting pictures of their vacation, the town is noisier because of the kids who are out of school, and little learning is taking place. As for me and mine, the youngest is beginning to recover from the flu, the man of the house might be coming down with it, the oldest daughter is resting after her first trip kayaking and the 4th step of Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method have taken me longer to compile than I expected. So, welcome to the recess portion of this writing series.
In preparation for today’s blog post, I kept looking at last week’s post and asking myself, “What is it that bother’s me about this storyline?” Then, over the weekend, and even this morning, I began to iron it out. What I have now is different than what you saw last week, but the story works a lot better. No, I’m not going to share, but I wanted you to realize that it is ok if your summary paragraph and subsequent paragraphs change. In the past week alone, mine have changed 4 times. 🙂 Now, when I look at it, I see a clear story with clear motivation, real goals, feasible conflicts and plausible character epiphanies. All I need do now is pray and wait for the scenes describing these things to come to me. Or, I can go to Ingermanson’s website and see what’s next. But, hang on a minute, I just got finished saying it’s spring break. I’ll write about writing next week. LOL
Since I’m not writing about writing this time, what should I talk about? Facebook wants us to tell our friends what’s on our minds. Trouble is, that story is on my mind. Might be difficult to find something else to talk about. I’ll give it a shot, though.
Springtime is one of my favorite seasons. After a winter of windows and doors closed to the chill outside, I finally get to feel the fresh air wafting through the house. I love to listen to the birds sing, neighbors mowing their lawns, train whistles echoing off the surrounding hills and all the other sounds of a town coming back to life. Makes me feel awake. I will admit, sometimes said neighbors feel too close, but the Lord is helping me with that. Crazy thing is, there were birds twittering away at 3:30 this morning. Heard them when my cough meds wore off and I couldn’t sleep. Was sitting near an open window reading my Bible. Great way to spend a sleepless night, BTW.
I heard back from my editor friend. She just finished reading over my manuscript I finished a couple of weeks ago. She said she only had a few questions/concerns. She numbered them. Guess how many her “few” was? 18. Yep, 18. LOL Let the editing begin. LOL Not in a hurry with it, which is a good thing. After these changes are discussed and made, I will print it out in braille to read to myself out loud. After that, I don’t know. Probably more editing. I think a writer’s motto should be, “Keep writing until it is perfect. Then, wait a few months and work on it some more. While doing that, write on something else until it is perfect, then write some more.”
Well, this recess turned into talking about writing, after all. Guess it’s in me blood. 🙂 The man of the house is on his way home from work early. Says he isn’t feeling well. So, until next time, keep writing, keep reading and don’t forget to have fun.

Be blessed.

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