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On Teeth, Circus Trains, Editing and Writing

Teeth. Pearly whites. Chompers. Whatever you like to call ‘em, I got a drill taken to one this morning, and my youngest lost one of hers this afternoon. The problem? Food. Too many sweets caused my difficulty; Swedish Fish helped my daughter with hers.
The circus. No, not the one often taking place around here. The real one. The Ringing Brothers and Barnum and Bailey one. The one who, after nearly a century and a half of entertaining children of all ages is calling it quits has come to my part of the world. The train passed my house by the railroad tracks just a little while ago. My oldest daughter caught it on camera. When the noise of its passing had calmed down, my children were excited to tell me how the people on the train were waving and hanging out of windows. One guy even held out his GoPro on a selfie stick. When I listened to the video later, I could hear them hollering. The show is this weekend, and our tickets have already been purchased. As a blind person, I get very little out of it, but I do like the music. My girls are thrilled.
Writing. Well, writing and editing. Editing on the manuscript which is about 497 pages long and writing on a new story which is about 20 pages so far. From American Civil War to 18th century American colonies. Before that, it was Scottish time travel romance. Told a lady at the dentist’s office this morning, “I’m all over the place.” LOL But, I think I got off topic, because I was talking about writing and editing. So, for a while I edited the story that takes place during the Civil War. Then, I went to my 18th century story, the one I started here on this blog and wrote a few lines. My friend says I’m talented. I think I’m just crazy. 🙂
I wrote a post a while back about how I went from Westerns to time travel. Soon, I’ll tell you how I went from Scottish time travel to the Civil War. The road wasn’t long, but the research sure took me to some strange places…most of them online. 🙂 The reenactment at Carnifex Ferry was awesome, though. Standing in the rain, the sound of the guns loud enough to be felt in my chest, friends with me who enjoy talking about it all, it gave me inspiration for one of the battle scenes. No, my characters are not at Carnifex Ferry, WV; they are at the battle of Shiloh, but I think it turned out pretty good. More to come later, so no worries. Just trying to wet your appetite.
The dryer is working away, the chimes on my porch are providing occasional music in the background, my kids are waiting for time to go to Youth Meeting at a local church, and I’m thinking that since I’ve been awake since 2:30 a.m., I might take a nap. Have a good week, and be sure to come back next Tuesday for some chatter about moms. There might even be a teaser from my up and coming book.

Blessings to you all.

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