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You Got to Give Them A Turn

Today, while sitting in a Wendy’s parking lot, my mom slid her key into the ignition and tried to start the car. Once, twice, three times and nothing happened. The key would not turn. We made sure doors were shut, the trunk and gas cap were shut. We each took turns trying, thinking that surely one of us had to be doing it wrong. Not knowing what else to do, I called my husband who is a parts manager at a Mitsubishi dealership.

“Is the car in park? he asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“What about the brake?”

Being blind, I thought, well, good grief what’s that got to do with it, but repeated what my mom said about how it wouldn’t move very much.

“What about the steering wheel?” my husband asked, next.

“It’s not straight,” I said.

“Ok,” he told me, “you got to put some muscle into turning the wheel and turning the key at the same time.”

I tucked the phone against my shoulder, grabbed the steering wheel with my left hand and gripped the key in between my right thumb and first finger and gave them both a turn. With little effort at all, both the wheel and key turned, and we were able to leave the Wendy’s.

It’s a little sad how proud of myself I was. But, then I got to thinking, that life is kind of like that. We can try to steer all we want, but if the key to life hasn’t been engaged, we are going nowhere. We can engage the keys to life, but if we never use the steering wheel, there will be no control. Until we put both hands into it and give both a turn, we will be forever sitting in the parking lot, watching others come and go.

It’s been a long day. Took my girls to a museum, shopping, out for lunch and then came home to gather up some things to give to a friend. My man brought pizza home for supper, the girls went to Vacation Bible School, and I talked on the phone a bit then washed up the dishes. I’m tired and so ready for bed. Then, I remembered my blog. 🙂

So, is there a Bible lesson here? Sure. But, it’s up to you to find it, this time and let me know what you come up with. The brain stopped working a while ago.

However, before I go, I just want to let y’all know I am coming up with a post to let you in on what’s happening around here. Got a presentation coming up in September, a couple new books on the horizon, and who knows what else. Good stuff that I am excited about. So,, stay tuned. That post will most likely be up in a couple of weeks. Next Tuesday is portfolio review day, so I’ll be running around like a crazy person until then. 🙂

Take care, sorry this post is so late, and keep the faith.

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