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From The Crazy Writer

You don’t think writers are crazy? Well, you’d better take a closer look, ’cause I’m here to tell ya, I’m as crazy as it gets. Keep reading; I have proof.

Proof number 1.
During the day, I can’t stop talking to my characters, thinking about my characters and writing about my characters. I’m working on a new project, and so far, my momentum has not slowed down. At night, I think about them, pray for them and even hear them talk to me in my sleep. This would naturally sound crazy, but no more crazier than I’ve ever been. But, you see, this time the characters aren’t of my own making; they are real people. Yep, living, breathing people who probably thought I was a weirdo stalker at first. Hey, they might still think it, but at least they aren’t treating me like it to my face. LOL

Proof number 2.
If there is something I don’t understand that pertains to my characters, I will research that something to death. Yesterday, my daughter and I were looking up “football for dummies” on Youtube, just so I would understand the significants of a 90 yard touch down. My other daughter hears us and comes running into the living room, hollering, “Why are you two talking about football, when you aren’t into sports what so ever?” Thankfully, do to my daughter’s eye sight and Youtube, I got it. Now, all I can think of is wow, I sure could have acted more impressed when he told me about his 90 yard touch down. LOL

Proof number 3.
This evening, I sent a portion of today’s writings to one of my best friends who is also my editor. She hadn’t had time to read and comment, by the time I contacted her. You know what I almost said? Ahem, I almost said, “I don’t need to hear whether it is good or not; I already know it is good.” Yeah, if that isn’t crazy, ain’t nothing crazy. LOL

See what I mean? I just gave you 3 good reasons why I might be “off my trolly” as they say in England. There is hope, though, and knowing this, I have confidence that all will work out in the end. The story will get written, because it’s the Lord’s will, and He will make sure His will gets done. There will be another project for me to obsess over, when this book is finished. I know this because there is one waiting in the wings, already.  And, lastly, the New Testament is full of verses that begin with the phrase, “And it came to pass”. Notice, it did not come to stay. It came to pass. This crazy season will not last forever. Just gotta work while it is day and pray all night long. 🙂

Now, I know last week I promised a post about what is going on around here, and I will write that post. But, since I have been writing so much…like as in seven pages since Saturday morning…I can’t put together anymore than what I’m putting together right now. Not real sure, but I’m thinking those seven pages equals about six thousand words. So thankful for you, faithful readers for sticking with me. Hopefully, I will be able to put together a more coherent post next week. Until then, keep praying, keep reading and gear up for an awesome story based on a real life hero.

Be blessed.

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