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Some Thoughts on Research and Some Other Random Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about some updatesOne thing I didn’t mention is the book I started last spring, the one I blogged about. The series on that story is all here, and each post begins with “Pondering A Story”, if you want to check them out.
The reason I haven’t mentioned Miss Mercy and Gabriel is because I’ve been busy finishing up and editing the book soon to be released, “His Yankee Wife”. Also, the end of the school year happened, and I went a little crazy trying to finish. But, now that summer is here, “His Yankee Wife” is almost ready and things have slowed down, my mind is returning to the 1700’s.
Yesterday, I was doing a little research and came across an interesting tidbit. In 1752 Britain and others changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian. On Wednesday, Sept. 2, folks said their goodnights and awakened the next morning to Thursday, Sept. 14. Many grew angry and blamed the British government for stealing 12 days of their lives. Another change was New Year’s. Celebrated on March 26, they had to get used to Jan. 1. Ever wondered why Orthodox Churches celebrate Easter on a different day? Blame it on that crazy change in calendars.
For the passed 3 years, I have been immersing myself in 1860’s America. I have watched documentaries on the Civil War, downloaded 2 albums of Civil War era music, studied how they dressed, what they ate, where they went, how they spoke, the lasting effects of the war between the states, and I could go on and on. A lot of useless, or rather useless for now knowledge is hid up in my brain. So, I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to get used to a different century when it comes to this new story. But, this is how it works for me.
Back when I wrote, “A Moment in Time” I had to delve into Scottish history and the Scotland of today. What they wore, what they ate, how they spoke, I even had dreams of visiting Scotland. 🙂 But, I literally had to get as close as I could in order to get inside my characters’ heads, especially the hero, Colin. Then, when I began working on “His Yankee Wife” I had to do the same. Now, I need to know as much about this other time and place in order to become my characters.
Researching the 1700’s in America is actually pretty easy, thanks to Colonial Williamsburg and their website. There are videos and articles galore detailing what they ate, how they talked, and I’m hoping someday to go down to Virginia and visit. Listening to the type of music from back then is easy, as well, thanks to Youtube. Only problem is my heroine is rather poor and would not have had access to operas or concerts. Neither does she have a piano forte, harpsichord or violin. Her indentured servant can sing though, so she’s in for a treat. 🙂 I’m looking forward to immersing myself in Colonial Virginia, though.
In the meantime, plans have been made for a photo shoot for the cover of “His Yankee Wife”. The hair stylist has agreed to do my model’s hair, and 2 costumes have been picked out for my model to try. We also have a location, a little, stone house a few miles away. I spoke with someone yesterday about a few braille business cards to hand out when my friend and I do our presentation at the NFB state convention in September, and my friend, Anita and I are thinking of going live on facebook.com/adkinsandwells to promote our book coming out soon, “Ducking into UEB”, a textbook that teaches unified English braille to 4-12 graders and older learners.
Yikes, it sounds like I’m busy. It’s what I love, though. But, I think I’ve been typing too much for today. So, I’m going to hop off here and play around with a shawl I started knitting this morning. Need to give my brain time to wander into the past. Take care, come back next Tuesday when I’ll tell you all about that photo shoot.
Be blessed.

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