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The Photo Shoot

Happy Tuesday. So glad you could spend your day with me. I’m learning how to post pics in a document, so you all can get a glimpse of the photo shoot from last night. Ready? Here we go.
First, a little background info. My newest book, which is set to release in a couple of months takes place both in modern times and in the past. The heroine of today returns home from war, wounded and finds a book about her ancestors who fought at the battle of Shiloh in the Civil War. So, I had to find period costumes and houses that looked like they were built in the 1800’s. Thanks to my family and friends, we picked out 2 locations and 2 dresses for my model to try.
Our first stop was a little, stone house nearby.  
My model had a disagreement with a spider on her dress, we got bug bites, but we laughed as the photographer clicked away. 
The light was fading fast, so we hurried to our second location, the historic Tompkins House here in Cedar Grove.
The owners were to home and gave us permission to shoot away.
Afterward, we banged on the door with the old-fashioned knocker and showed our pictures to the owners. They graciously allowed us to come in and take more. All in all, a fun-filled evening and a successful photo shoot.
Just FYI, pictures and blind people don’t always make the best combinations. Without help from my oldest daughter, you wouldn’t get to see these pics, nor would I have a model looking so pretty for the cover of my book.
Many thanks to the one who lent us the costumes, those who did my girl’s hair, those who drove and snapped pictures and the encouragement along the way. Looking forward to releasing this book.
Interested in voting on which pic we use for the cover? Come on over to facebook.com/sjwellsauthor/ and be sure to click “like”. A contest is coming soon, plus chances to preorder print copies. Lots of fun stuff just around the corner.

Until next time, remember the one who loves you the most, your heavenly Father.

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