After the Convention

Good Sunday morning. I’m sipping hot tea and remembering my time at the NFB state convention of WV. Met new friends, reconnected with long-time friends, sold some books, handed out some business cards and was treated so kindly by the staff at the hotel. 🙂 Glad to be back home with my husband and girls, though and anxious to get back into the writing groove.

Speaking of writing, I had the opportunity to hear several different people’s stories over the weekend. We all have a story; something an author as myself needs to keep in mind when creating characters. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of writing books, how-to writing websites and classes out there that folks can sign up for to be a better writer. But, what a true author needs to be able to do is make it real. Even if it is fiction or fantasy, make the reader believe it. Give characters real life trials, real emotions and difficult circumstances to go through before that “happy ever after”. Because, people have real life trials to go through, real emotions and difficult circumstances to deal with. Nothing draws a reader in more than a character they can relate to.

Writing class is now dismissed. Time to go get ready for church. Y’all have a blessed Sunday, and remember you can connect with me on Facebook. Just go to


Chat with you soon.

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