After Going Live on FB

Wow! Going live on Facebook is fun, especially when you have a good friend sitting beside you to help you keep on track. 🙂 Special thanks to Peggy Hoy, my friend, editor, spiritual mama who keeps me in line and wonderful writing buddy for being there to make it great.

What did we talk about? Me, of course. LOL Seriously, though, we talked about my book coming out Nov. 1, “His Yankee Wife”. I told about how the book got started, a little about the research I did for it, the fact we are looking for early readers and so much more. I discussed my other books and where folks can find them online and about the photo shoot we did last summer. And, speaking of pictures, we announced the winning photo, the one going onto the cover of “His Yankee Wife”. Laughter and conversation rounded it out, and the live video is up on FB so y’all can watch it, even though you may have missed it.

To watch the video, go to


So, what are early readers? Well, basically, you receive an electronic copy of the book, read it for free and promise to post a review on Amazon when the book is released. That’s it. Interested? Send me your email address. No matter the format, the book will be set up so you can’t do any editing. Gotta protect miself, ya know. 🙂

Now for those of you who are blind or visually impaired, here are some answers.

No, the book will not be published in audio, at least, not right away. However, I am looking for a narrator to put it on audible.com

Yes, I am willing to work to get you an accessible format, so let me know if you are blind and want a copy. I will have to charge the same amount as I do for paperbacks, but I will work with you. I know how important our books are to us.

Large print? Well, I can’t answer that right now, but y’all keep praying about it.

Ok, is that all? Hmm, lemme see. Oh, no, that’s not all. Did y’all know that peanut butter gets you through lunchtime? It’s true. Also, turning up the volume on the Foghorn String Band gets you through cleaning day, ice water cools ya down, division is not a twelve-year-old’s friend, laughter works like a good medicine, I’ve somehow managed to place a nurse or doctor in every book I have written and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes this crazy thing called life worth living. Amen? Amen!

Be blessed and leave me a comment. Would love to hear from you. 🙂

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