Choices, Choices

Choices. We all have them, we all make them. In fact, the desire for the right to choose religion, marital status, one’s profession is why at every point in history, people are on the move. Today, here in the USA  we can choose where we work, what we wear, what we eat, when we sleep, who we marry, where we live, what doctors we see, what church we attend, where we want to visit, who we want to spend holidays with, what we say or not, and the list goes on and on. But, what if something happened in your life that you had no choice about? Or, I suppose the real question is: What if something happened in your life that made you think you had no choice but to go along with it?

If you follow the launch page for my new book coming out in November, you may have seen the teaser I posted yesterday, Oct. 11, 2017. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll post it here, because the heroine in the passage is faced with a situation in which she feels as though she has no choice.

Here is the paragraph:

When had everything started to go so wrong? It would have been easy to blame it on the war…or rather, his decision to join the Army. Truth be told, though, wedded bliss had worn thin long before those first shots were fired on Fort Sumter.

Rachel, whose thoughts we are hearing in this excerpt wants nothing more than to save her marriage but feels defeated because of her many mistakes. How can she compete with the lure of war?

Later on in the story, we get another glimpse into Rachel’s thoughts:

Of course there hadn’t been time to write. Upon reading of the plight of the wounded at Bull Run, Rob had made his decision, informed the ministerial board, announced his intent to his congregation, packed up his wife, and headed South.

Yikes! Right? Talk about not having any choice in the matter. Yet, it is these kinds of situations that draw us into a book.

Let’s play pretend for a moment. You are a preacher’s wife. You are in church one morning, and your husband is almost finished with his sermon. You’re about ready to bow your head for the last Amen, when out of the blue he announces to you and his congregation, “I will be joining the war effort”? How would that make you feel, him announcing it to the world before talking it over with you? Could you forgive him? Do you think you could love a character in a book who did this to his wife?

Ha! Got you curious, didn’t I? “His Yankee Wife” is something I have worked on for the last 4 years. It’s made me laugh, and it’s made me cry. It has made me angry and left me with many questions. Perhaps, this book’s purpose was meant to be a spiritual journey for me. If so, I can only hope I have matured in the Lord through the writing of it.

Just to clear things up, I am a preacher’s wife, and my husband has never done this to me. But, as a preacher’s wife, I can easily put myself there.

November 1, 2017 is not far off, and I can’t wait to share this story with you. I hope you’ll come over and like my author page facebook.com/sjwellsauthor/. I’m always posting tidbits about my writing life, my day-to-day feelings about homeschool and life as a blind mama, minister’s wife, baker, singer/song writer, and even post Scripture, devotions, and on occasion random silliness. 🙂

During the worship service last Sunday, our praise and worship band sang a verse of a song that has stuck with me all week. If you happen to be in a situation where you feel there are no choices, let these words speak to your heart. God is listening, and He does care.

“When darkness veils His lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace. In every high and stormy gale my anchor holds within the veil.”


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