The Day Before the Release

The day before my 4th novel releases, and what is running through my mind?

Number 1:

This cough has to go. The ick made its presence known on Saturday, kept me from church on Sunday, whooped me good yesterday, but might be on its way out today. Let’s pray so. Ribs are sore from coughing, voice is gone and taste has not returned, yet. Worst of all, my girls caught it. Difficult to think during times like this. But, while at home Sunday morning, I listened to a sermon on FB live, and a portion of it stuck with me. The preacher was talking about the parable where Jesus says those who hear and do those sayings of His, He will liken them to a wise man who built his house upon a rock. The rains came, the winds blew, and the flood came up, but the house stood firm, because it was founded upon the rock. Those who do not hear and do those sayings of His, He likens them to a foolish man who built his house upon the sand. That same storm came, but that house fell, because it was founded on the sand. One thing the preacher said that I had never thought of before, the storm came to those houses. The storm didn’t go around them or over them and miss them because of their belief in Christ. No, that storm came and beat upon those houses. The one on the rock stood firm. So, this sickness storm came and is beating on this house, but it’s founded on the rock of Jesus Christ, so we ain’t going nowhere. Take that, enemy! Might as well go on back where you came from in Jesus name. Amen.

Number 2:

While the paperback version of “His Yankee Wife” has been available on Amazon since Oct. 23, the kindle version releases tomorrow, Nov. 1. Last March, I could not conceive of this day. I was busy editing and revising. I remember finishing it on the day I got my new MacBook in the mail. 🙂 It’s certainly a great day, the day your book becomes available to readers, but it’s a sad day, too, when the characters have said all they are going to say. For 4 years those characters kept me busy. I researched the century they lived in, the food, dress, music, ways they spoke, and on and on, and suddenly, they fall silent. One of my biggest worries is that one day a group of characters will stop talking, and no one knew will be starting up the conversation. What if I run out of ideas and characters? So far, this has not happened. In fact, a few weeks before I wrote, “The End” on “His Yankee Wife”, I had already started work on two different manuscripts. I suppose I might sound crazy to the rest of the world, but I don’t know how I would make it without characters talking in my head. 🙂

“His Yankee Wife”, I was telling an early reader the other day has challenged me. Yes, I’ve laughed and cried at various parts of the writing process, but the characters themselves have cause me to change my way of thinking on more than one topic. Now, just as you, faithful readers are about to embark on their journey, I am immersing myself in another century and another set of characters who have their own set of challenges, joys and sorrows. What lessons will these new folks teach me? I’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

I hope you will grab your own copy of “His Yankee Wife”. It’s on Amazon at



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