2018, So Far

You know the saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”? Well, this year, January decided to act like that. Oh, not as far as the weather is concerned, but in other ways, it came in bringing trouble and is leaving calm as you please.

Filled with words for the 3 new books that I am working on, a birthday coming up, plans for getting back into the swing of homeschooling my girls, I was ready for January. But, from the beginning, January was ready for me.

New Year’s Day started out with the man of the house sleeping late due to a fever. My birthday, the 3rd was spent on the couch with my girls wondering why all of us were aching and fevered. On the 5th, after eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast, I lost a crown on one of my back teeth. That Sunday, the 7th, the girls and I stayed home from church, and coughed our heads off. On the 9th, we went to the ER to get some cough medicine. The next day was spent in the dentist’s chair getting my crown glued back in. The following day, I sat in the doctor’s office, worried that my blood pressure would not come down. Fshew! If that isn’t coming in like a lion, I don’t know what is.

Unable to write more than a sentence or 2 at a time, I spent most of those days and nights reading. Some books I finished, some I did not, but it was one of those healthy, reading binges, the kind that feeds creativity and sets my mind to thinking, “Hmm, if my characters were in that kind of situation, they would…”

When my girls finally got back to school work, one of their writing assignments was to write an essay beginning with “I took 3 weeks off school, because…” LOL They did pretty well, too, I must say. Each included Christmas, New Year’s Day, our illness and week of trips to the doctor.

So, I find myself at the end of January, and things are running rather smoothly. My girls are doing school work without too much complaining, I’ve been working on those 3 stories, and we have managed to stop coughing. Once again, God has provided, healed and blessed us more than we deserve.

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention a new project. My friend, Anita Adkins and I have been working on a book together. It’s a textbook that teaches unified English braille, UEB, the new standard for braille. It’s for 4th to 12th graders and older students. It was published on January 4, which happens to be Louis Braille’s birthday, the man who is credited with inventing braille. It’s available in paperback format and on kindle. Check it out at the following link


I don’t know what February holds. Some say we’re in for some mighty bad weather. But, whatever happens, God is still with us, and I’m grateful for His promises.

How did your January go? I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a comment.


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