Hope. Something we all want, something we seem to lose quite easily. When we perceive there to be no hope in a situation, we give up. On the other hand, we can move mountains with the strength that comes when we believe that there is hope. Hope gives life, while the lack of it brins death. If something is hopeless, we don’t even bother. If we are hopeful, why, there is nothing that can stop us. Hope or the lack thereof defines us, makes our decisions for us, holds us captive, either feeds or starves our souls, and yet it is so hard to explain.

I have a character in a work in progress that I have been writing on since March 2017. She is convinced she has no hope. She’s went too far, God can’t want her. The hero in the story has a deep fear of hopelessness. He is afraid of coming to the point of no hope. Pitting these two against each other is bringing some surprising results and reminds me on a daily basis that outside of Jesus Christ, there is no hope.

Recently, I came across a tune with no lyrics. But, after listening to it, the Lord put lyrics into my head. I emailed them to the artist and am praying he let’s the Lord speak to him through them. One verse says:

“I fear there’s no hope, O Lord,

No hope to be set free.

I fear there’s no hope, O Lord,

I just need to hear you speak to me.”

Sort of sounds like what I said my hero is going through in my WIP, doesn’t it. Sort of echoes a lot of what I see while scrolling through Facebook. Wow, if ever there was a time we needed hope, it’s now.

And, speaking of hope… 6 years ago when I started writing, “A Moment in Time”, my time travel romance, I never dreamed it would take 4 years after publication for it to be put into audio. But, I hoped and prayed and told myself to let God worry about it. As I type this, it is being recorded as an audiobook. I just received the first 15 minutes yesterday, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. It’s going to be great.

While I’m on the topic of audiobooks, “His Yankee Wife” is also being put into audio. I am so excited. The Lord is answering prayers that I had almost given up…ahem, nevermind. 🙂 But, seriously, He deserves all the praise. Both “His Yankee Wife” and “A Moment in Time” will release probably some time this summer, and what better time what with folks traveling and needing something to listen to on those long trips. I promise to let you all know when they are available on audible.com, so be sure and stay tuned.

Have you had a chance to read my book, “His Yankee Wife” yet? It released on November 1. Well, if you have not or if you know someone who hasn’t, check out the new page here on my site. It’s called, “Free Reads”, and right now chapter 1 is available to read for free. periodically, I will post excerpts of my other books, but “His Yankee Wife” is first. Enjoy. 🙂

Almost time for my husband to come home from work, so I’ll hop off here. Just wanted to give you all a few updates.

I welcome your comments, so drop me a line below or send an email to sjwells1611@gmail.com.

Until Next time, keep on smiling, ‘cause Jesus loves you.

**All mistakes are mine and mine alone. LOL **

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