Too Much Information?

This morning the name of a company came to me, one I had heard my husband mention several times. Caught off guard, I wondered to myself, “Is this a store or a supplier? Hmm,” I told myself, “I’ll just ask my husband about it.” Then, I realized that if I had been paying closer attention, I would already know the answer. If I ask him now, he will either think I haven’t been listening to him or that I’m just ditsy. I’m not ditsy…I don’t think, but, truly, I never concerned myself with what this company is. It doesn’t matter to me, personally.


I say all that, because in this age of information sometimes we just don’t know what info to take in and keep and what info to let go. What should we learn? What should we concern ourselves with? What matters most?


My daughter is thinking of doing virtual school next year, but when faced with the list of classes, she gets confused. She doesn’t know what is best. Now, she’s only 12 but not much different than I am. When faced with too much information, I start to shut down. Often, I do not know what is best. So glad I know the Lord and can pray about it. I’d surely be lost without Him.


Just as there can be too much information out there so that we don’t know what to believe or retain, reading too much can also be harmful. I tend to go for a long time without reading then binge. I have been in one such slump. Unable to write for the last few weeks, I’ve been reading anything that comes along. Some of it helpful, most of it not so much. The same goes for music. Sigh.


The problem I face is I’m not interested in most of the Christian fiction available to those of us who are blind. I like fast paced fiction with strong, real characters who don’t take anybody’s sass. I want real problems and real solutions. I’ve read so many Amish books that I’m quite tired of that genre. I’m not being fair, I know. There is one Amish book I started a couple of weeks ago, and it’s pretty good. Amy Clipston and Kathleen Fuller are authors you might check out, if you are into Amish stories. When I was a teenager, I read more prairie romances than you can shake a stick at. Westerns were a theme for quite a while, and I even wrote 2 of my own. Today, my choice of genres is varied and not always healthy. Last spring I went on a reading binge with vampires. A few years ago it was werwolves. This spring it was apparently bull riders. LOL I’m crazy.


Authors I’ve read lately include: Amy Clipston, Susette Williams, Mary Connealy, Rachel Hauck, Susan May Warren, Laura Drake, Lisa Wingate, Lisa Jordan and Ted Dekker. What books stick with me are the ones with well thought out characters. Genre has little to do with it; I love good characters. Conner Young and Liza Beaumont from Susan May Warren’s “Playing with Fire” and “I’ll be There” are an example of characters who stay with me. I think I’ve read those 2 books at least 3 times, just to be with the characters again. The same goes for Jamie and Clair from Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series, Tanner and Regina from Rachel Hauck’s “Princess Ever After” and many more. They have one thing in common and that is complexity. They aren’t always what they seem on the surface. I love digging in and getting to know characters like this. Which, I suppose is why I’m so curious about people.


Y’all are probably wondering if I’m getting to a point. I am, but before I leave books behind, I want to mention Caleb from Ted Dekker’s “A Man Called Blessed”. That character, that story challenged me. The questions that the Holy Spirit probed into my soul will not leave me. The Lord is trying to say something, and I’m trying to listen. This book was the second in the series. I have not read the first one, yet, but I will.


Questions haunting me include:

How much do I love Him?

If He lives in me, why do I think I can’t do what He is asking me to do?


Music is a big part of who I am, and there are 2 videos on Youtube that I watch nearly every day. I’m sharing here. “It’s Me Again Lord” and “I’m Longing for Home”. No doubt these folks are professionals but I like how their singing isn’t so polished that I can’t join in and sing along. I even picked up my mandolin last year and learned how to play along. I saw them in concert last year and am trying my best to figure out a way to go see them again. Wonder if they want someone to write their story? If so, here I am. LOL


Art in any form gives us the chance to express ourselves. My hope is that you find your talents and give it all you got.


Any questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below or send an email to sjwells1611@gmail.com. Thanks for being with me today.


**Please forgive my mistakes. My editor is out today. LOL**

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