Monday Morning Check In

I once heard a well-known author say in an interview, she works on multiple projects at a time. When the words to one story or article fail her, she goes to the next and writes on that one for a while. Then, when words fail on that one, she goes to another. It sounds crazy, but it actually works. Well, it works for me, anyway.

I am a coauthor on a blog that attempts to empower students of all ages with vision loss through the written word. You can find it at adkinsandwells.blogspot.com. My friend and colleague, Anita Adkins and I wrote a textbook that teaches Unified English Braille (UEB). “Ducking into UEB” is for grades 4 to 12 but older readers as well. We blog twice a month with interviews, advice, fun stories and anything else we can think of to encourage people who are blind or visually impaired to keep living the lives they want. Vision loss isn’t the end of the world, and it can even be a new beginning.

I said all that to say, part of this Monday morning’s writing included working on an interview for that blog. It was mostly editing, and I’m not finished with it, but it is to be posted on June 28, this coming Thursday, so I knew I needed to start working on it today.

Before that, I found myself outlining a new story idea. Can’t give anything away, yet, but it might be back to Westerns for a while. We shall see. 🙂

I wish I could say that I am working diligently on my newest WIP, the one with over 62 thousand words, and I have been plugging right along. But, this morning, the words won’t come to me. I thought if I concentrated on other projects, it might free up that colonial Virginia in the 1740’s part of my brain. I won’t know until I’m finished working on this blog post, and maybe not even then. I might have to do some boring home chores like dishes or laundry. LOL

What I can share with you today is a little about that 62 thousand word manuscript. They say to come up with a 25 word sentence that tells the story. Y’all know how hard that is for me? 🙂 But, so far, I think I’ve got it. Ready?

On route to Virginia, Gabriel Mackenzie is captured by pirates and sold as an indentured servant to a sharp-tongued woman desperate to outrun her past.

Are hyphenated words considered 1 word or 2? If 2, then it’s 26 words. LOL But, what do you think? Drop a comment below, and let me know your thoughts.

So, I just hopped in here to give you a little update and share how my Monday morning is going. Would love to hear from you and know how you are doing. Until next time, remember, prayer always works.

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