Yesterday, I was pondering on how things change. So, I wrote a little something that I thought I would share here.


Morning: These days it’s “Get up or we’ll be late,” “Did you put on deodorant and comb your hair?” “No, you can’t wear that tank top unless you plan to cover it up.” I remember when they were tiny, and I would have to get them dressed, fed, brushed and combed while their daddy got a few more zzz’s in until time for him to get ready. I used to think those days would never end. They did though, quite without my notice.

During church: Cinnamon candy in my pocket for those thirsty moments after the singing. Got that habit from Mr. White who used to go to the little, country church with us. Can’t imagine listening to preaching without that fiery sweetness seering the insides of my cheeks.

After service: Going out to eat. The girls used to ask if they could get a toy at the restaurant. Terry and I would say, “If you are good.” Ha! They usually got something, because they were usually good. Now, they ask to go to a place that has WIFI so they can chat with their friends or watch videos on Youtube while we eat. My, how things have changed.

Back home again: Naps during the afternoon and evening hours. Busy all week with laundry, math problems, writing on my own works in progress, appointments and such, weekends, especially Sundays are my days to not think about school. I try to take time to just be. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes not. I don’t always nap, but I always try.

Nothing ever stays the same, but that’s the one thing we can count on. And, how God has blessed me over the years. Why do I think He’ll stop? It’s how we live those small pieces of time. Each moment adds up to a day, days add up to weeks and months, and months add up to years that pass by so fast, we are left feeling as if something vital has slipped through our hands, never to be seen again. And, so it has, but looking back reminds us of God’s faithfulness, and those memories are a tree of life for the now and for what is to come. Wow, I didn’t think this was going to be a sermon, but there you go.

As for this passed Sunday, things weren’t much different than described above. I did manage a nap on the couch. Afterward, while the fog slowly lifted from my brain, I watched an Avengers movie with my husband. The teenager was at the mall with her friend, the 10-year-old was at her grandparents’ house playing with their dog, so it was pretty quiet around here.

And, so armed with the knowledge that it is the quality of our moments rather than the quantity, I let my youngest curl up with me on the couch for a few minutes this morning, held her tight and breathed in her still-little-girl scent. The 13-year-old and I are going to slow down and learn this math if it kills us, and I’m going to finish reading this book I started in the wee hours of the night.

Blessings to you all, and thanks for reading.

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