Binge Reading: The Struggle is Real, Y’all

The batteries in my bluetooth earbuds ran down to 4 percent just before the climax of the story when the good guys catch the bad guys and save the ones held hostage. I put the earbuds on charge and finished listening to the chapter outloud, but of all places in the book for the earbuds to die! LOL Talk about suspense.


It’s a new author, and the story is a good one. In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. I’ll pick up a book, get part way through, grab another book and read that one before going back to the original one. What will the effects of binge reading be?


I’ve also been doing a lot of plotting. I’ll think up a story idea, then I’ll realize my heroes and heroines have no real conflict and discard the whole thing. Some days this discourages me, but then I remember it takes a few starts and stops when beginning a crochet or knitting project before it all comes together. It must be the same way with writing. If so, then the right idea will come along sooner or later. 🙂


How about you, faithful readers? Do you knit or crochet while you read?


Here’s what I’ve been reading in about this order:

“Falling for You” by Becky Wade

“Prairie Fires: the American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder” by Caroline Fraser

“In the Heart of the Sea: the Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex” by Nathaniel Philbrick

“Good Luck with That” by Kristan Higgins

“Waves of Mercy” by Lynn Austin

“Between You and Me” by Susan Wiggs

“Storming Heaven” by Denise Giardina

“Wait for Me” by Susan May Warren

“The Devil is Here in These Hills: West Virginia’s Coal Miners and their Battle for Freedom” by James Green

“The View from Rainshadow Bay” by Colleen Coble


This last one, “The View from Rainshadow Bay” was the one I was listening to when my earbuds died. 🙂 Audible says I have 8 minutes left. “Wait for Me” was good enough to stay up most of the night to finish, and the ending made me sigh with Pleasure. I’m not good at reviewing books, mostly because I am afraid of making hasty judgments about them. I like to have time to think about the story and sometimes read it again before giving my opinions. Probably, this is because I know how important that story is to its author, and I want to treat other authors the way I would want to be treated. But, I’ll jot down a thought or 2 about each one, in case you want something new to read.


“Falling for You” was one of those I started, stopped to read something else and then came back to finish. The ending wrapped it up for me, and God’s grace and mercy shone through.


“Prairie Fires’ takes you along the life of the author of the Little House books and gives you historical information about what was happening around the major events of Wilder’s life. Sappy me, I cried when it talked about Pa and Ma and Almanzo’s deaths.


I became interested in “In the Heart of the Sea” after watching the movie which stars Chris Hemsworth. The movie very much romanticizes the story, but it stuck with me and made me wonder what would happen if a woman were along on such a voyage. And, yeah, there’s a start of a story there. LOL


“Waves of Mercy” surprised me and didn’t end as I thought it would. A great read, if you’re tired of romance. 🙂


“Good Luck with That” is one I have set aside to finish later. Kristan Higgins never has dull characters, but I found myself identifying too closely with the women in this book, so I needed some distance.


“Rainshadow Bay” is romance and mystery and suspense rolled up together and from a Christian perspective. I’ll definitely be reading more of Colleen. Coble.


“The Devil is Here in These Hills” and “Storming Heaven” I decided to read thinking I’d do some research for a new story idea about characters set in the coal camps of WV in the early 1900’s. I didn’t know these books would grab me, pull me in and make me cry. I come from these hearty folks, coal miners’ and their wives, and I think there’s a story brewing.


But, while I read and try to come up with the next story, I want to say thank you to you, faithful readers by giving away some free download codes to my audiobooks. Go to my books page

, check out all 5 of my books, then comment below with your name, the book you want and an email address. No catch. I promise.


What have you been reading lately?


Here’s wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving and happy hours of reading. Can’t wait to hear from you, so comment below.

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