A Day in the Life

I had to have blood work done this morning to check my A1C and sugar. I knew it would be high, because I had a bowl of Cornflakes with sugar for breakfast.

I needed to go to our local Walmart to grab a few groceries. Knowing I wanted to start eating healthier, I nabbed some raw broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, and radishes.

Feeling better about myself, I arrived home, carried in a case of bottled water and bragged on my goodness to my husband. He seemed happy for me, and said I had a surprise waiting in the kitchen.

Y’all, seriously, it was a box of confections from Krispy Kreme! Aaaahh!!!

I had no will power, n case you were wondering.

Have you ever read any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? I think I read part of one many years ago. But, last May or June, I submitted a story to them about my first guide dog, George. I didn’t hear anything, so figured my submission didn’t make it. Well, last night I received an email with a permission form attached. Basically, my entry made it passed the first round of judging. By signing and returning this form, I give them permission to publish, if my story makes it passed the next round. I won’t know anything until March or April, but it makes me feel good about my writing, nevertheless.

And, speaking of my writing, I just signed a contract with a new publisher. My first round with a publisher 10 years ago made me Leary of trying again, but this time I am ready. The manuscript is being sent to an editor, and I just filled out a form detailing how I want the cover to look. Praying now for patience. LOL

Sometimes, life is like a roller coaster; up and down, scary and fun. Then, other times, it’s a mixed up bowl of stuff with annoying things happening at the same time good things are. A crowded Walmart as if the  snowstorm of the century is baring down on us, waiting in the checkout line for 20 minutes, only to wait longer for my driver to finish shopping, to coming home to Krispy Kreme, to high blood sugar, to sleepless nights, to… Well, you get the picture. Blessings all around, because we’re above ground and able to experience all this in one day.

Well, the man of the house is almost finished frying hamburgers, so gotta git. Dinner, dishes, Caravan for one kid and teen class for the other at church, praise and worship team is practicing tonight, and I am hoping for think time for the next book. 🙂

Drop me a comment. I’d love to hear from you. How do you balance the annoying with the good?

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