Blogging From My IPhone

Good Friday morning. Today I am trying something new. I am using the dictate feature on my iPhone to write this post. The interesting thing is that when dictating, it does not put a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence. Dictating causes one to stop and think before speaking each sentence aloud, too. Another thing a blind person like me needs to remember is that words that sound alike must be checked before proceeding.

Example: I said the word “aloud” earlier. The dictation feature inserted “Allowed”. This kind of mix up might be OK between friends, but if someone wants to appear professional, they need to be very careful and edit what they say.

I am reminded of a song I learned in Vacation Bible school, “Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say”. The things we say are often used against us when we least expect it. My 11-year-old tried this yesterday. Also, what we say can determine our outlook or even our beliefs.

Satan attacked me in my dreams last night, but I won’t speak of all that happened in my dreams, because I don’t want to give it credence. What he said and did does not have power over me in Jesus’s name. The Words I will say are I am more than a conqueror, according to Romans chapter 8, I’m wearing my armor according to Ephesians chapter 6, and I’m telling that ole deceiver to get behind me, like Jesus did in Luke chapter 4.

Here’s praying that we all have a blessed Friday. Drop me a comment below, and let me know what you think of this dictated post. I would love to hear from you.

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