Announcing A New Book!

You Belong to Me cover2


Well, ole March went out like a lion this year, didn’t it? But April has finally arrived. Spring. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting all winter to say that. 🙂 That fresh, moist, earthy smell of dirt, the happy singing of the birds, the warm sunshine and milder temperatures all make me want to go somewhere or create something new.

And, speaking of something new…I have a new book!

“You Belong to Me” Is now available as a kindle ebook and as a print paperback. Here is what it’s about.

She bought him to work her farm. His obedience taught her to be free. On route to Virginia to answer God’s call to preach, Gabriel Mackenzie is captured by pirates and sold as an indentured servant. Grieving the loss of her family, Mercy Wakefield is not looking for romance; just a strong back and two good hands to work her farm. But, Gabriel’s claims of being taken against his will and his kind manners and good looks chip away at her resolve, and she begins to care about him. With a jealous neighbor wanting Mercy for himself, and  one of Gabriel’s captors trying to get rid of him, it will take relying on God’s strength rather than their own to loose the chains of hopelessness and forge a bond which no man can put asunder.

From the moment Gabriel and his Miss Mercy popped into my head, I have been in love with them. I won’t tell you how much of me ended up in my heroine, Mercy Wakefield, but it’s more than I’d like to admit. LOL As for my hero with his blue eyes and long, blonde hair, well, I don’t know where he came from. Of course, part of his character came from my husband, but the rest is all Gabriel. 🙂


As for other characters in the story, my 2 daughters helped with the animals and their names. You’ll meet Leviticus, a big, gray horse and my daughter, Faith’s favorite, Perkins, the little, brown donkey. He is her creation. LOL


So, how does a captive teach someone how to be free? You’ll have to read Mercy and Gabriel’s story to find out. There’s a family dog to bring laughter and smiles, ginger cookies to tide you over if you miss breakfast, pox-ridden pirates for some danger, a new barn to help build, a sly neighbor to keep you on your guard, a goat named Hermione to tell your troubles to, an unlikely prophet, and plenty of romance to warm your heart.

The paperback is $16.99, and the kindle ebook is $1.99. The link to it on Amazon is


When you have finished reading it, will you be so kind as to leave a review? I sure would appreciate it.

If you’re local and want to buy a copy straight from me, I placed an order and will receive copies in a couple of weeks. Just give me a heads up, so I can save one for you.

Lots more exciting news coming up, so I hope you’ll come back soon.


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