Some Rambling and a Few Updates

Ok, y’all, where did Spring go? It feels crazy cold in my house this morning. I had to turn off the ceiling fans, and I’m considering a second cup of hot caffeine and maybe a blanket.

It’s Saturday, my kids are still inbed, we’ve no school today, and my husband has to work. I kind of feel bored. I amused myself with videos on Youtube and had a bowl of cereal. Now, what should I do?

Oh yeah, forgot about that small load of laundry in the dryer. Could put that away, I reckon.

Do y’all say that where you come from – reckon? I grew up hearing it. I reckon I’ll do such-and-such. Or, I’ll get to it, directly. Of course, around here we like to shorten those vowel sounds, so I grew up thinking the word “directly” was spelled “dreckly”. Haha!

Am I the only one who keeps checking their email, as if something exciting is going to be there?

I had a crazy dream last night. My husband and girls and I left our house, and before I shut the front door, I noticed my TV was on. My kids said that they had left it on to entertain our cat while we were gone. The TV was playing “Dora The Explorer”. So, we get in the car with the sun shining down and go to a church up the road a piece. When we arrive, rain is pouring down like nobody’s business, but the congregation is outside in the parking lot, just singing their hearts out. I was like, “These people are nuts!” LOL

Raising kids is tough. Amen? Seriously, how does one please the older kid without upsetting the younger one or vice versa? One likes Root Beer best. The other likes Crush. One wants to run around the house playing a kazoo, while the other thinks it’s ok to leav her oil paints open all over the kitchen table for her blind mom to find the hard way. The 11-year-old is excited at the thought of going to the movie theater with her parents to watch Avengers Endgame, but the 13-year-old insists that the first time she sees it, it has to be with her youth group friends. I understand that usually there are no “right” answers, but sometimes I sure do wish for a user’s manual with clear instructions.

If I could have it my way, my husband and I would leave the kids with someone and go watch the movie by ourselves. I don’t get my way, most of the time, though. Remember, earlier, I said that my husband had to work? He’s on 6 days a week, and the 7th day is Sunday. Not much time for a date with the wife, even if the kids would stay with someone.

Well, it looks like the cat thinks I have something to eat. She came to investigate me after I put water on to heat for tea. She is a very food oriented cat. She knows the sound of the opening of a bread bag and thinks we should give her a bite everytime we rattle said bag. Of course, we’re all suckers and share away. She also knows her box of treats are up here on the kitchen table. Having only had a dog before…You can read about George the Seeing Eye dog in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons from the Dog”…I didn’t realize how smart cats can be.

On to news and updates

My story, “A Miracle Named George” is in that Life Lessons from the Dog book. Last year  I learned that Chicken Soup for the Soul will accept unsolicited manuscripts. I went to their site, and sure enough there was a place to submit my work. I submitted my story, almost forgot about it, and then 9 months later found out my story had been accepted. There are 101 contributors to that book, and I am so excited that my little story was chosen to be among them.

In addition to that, my new book “You Belong to me” is now available in print and on kindle. It is also being put into audio. I’m real excited about this project, and I can’t wait to share it. The other day, I got to hear the first 15 minutes, and I’m on the edge of my seat to hear more. It should be out some time later this summer, and it will be on Audible.

To find “You Belong to Me” you can go to Amazon at


To see “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life lessons from the Dog” go to

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GNT62DT/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_rpfXCbZE5DHSD via @amazon

So, what’s next?

I’m currently working on a new project. At present, it has no name, but it will be another historical. It is set in WV around 1940 in the coal camps of Kanawha County. Keep me in your prayers as I navigate through those tough times.

I also submitted another piece to Chicken Soup for the Soul. This next book won’t be out until the Fall, but if my work is chosen, y’all will be the first to know.

We’re finishing up homeschool for the year, gearing up for some competitions that the girls will be in and looking forward to Summer and church camp.

Mmm, this hot tea tastes pretty good. I thank you for being with me this morning. If you’re interested in following me on social media, below are the links for Facebook and Twitter. If you would like an autographed copy of one of my books, I have a few print copies here with me. Use the Contact page on here to get in touch.

God bless, and hope your weekend is amazing.

Facebook: facebook.com/sjwellsauthor/

Twitter: twitter.com/sjwellsauthor/

2 thoughts on “Some Rambling and a Few Updates

  1. That was an interesting read. I follow you on Facebook but had no idea you were blind. you would believe the number of questions that raises for me. Like, how do you manage when you go to the cinema?
    My dog is called George but he has a tendency to walk into things so I don’t think he’d be a very good seeing eye dog.
    Well done on the Chicken Soup success.
    Hope the rest of your weekend is good.


    1. Hi. Thanks for following me on Facebook and reading my blog. There is a service at the cinema that describes the movie to the person who is blind. I have never taken advantage of this service before, but I plan to when I go see Avengers Endgame. My weekend did get better after a nap and food. LOL Hope you are having a good one, as well. God bless.


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