Avengers Endgame with Audio Description

Important note: No spoilers here. If you have not seen the movie, feel free to keep reading. I promise, I will not give anything away. This post is only about my experience at the theater.

On Sunday we went to watch Avengers Endgame. How, you are asking, does a blind person watch a movie at the theater? Why?

The why is easy. Answer: same reason you want to watch a movie at the theater.

The how is easy, too. The 2 theaters in my area offer services for blind or visually impaired people as well as deaf or hard of hearing. Here’s how it happened for me.

I went in, paid for the tickets and asked if they had the headphones for audio description. They did, and the lady said she’d go get them and bring them out to me. So, we sat down to wait near where they sold popcorn and the like.

A few minutes later, a lady brought me a set of headphones. They were the noise canceling kind that fit over your head and cover both ears. She explained how they work, and I took a quick minute to try them on and learn the dials and buttons.

There was a button on the right ear to turn them on, a dial on that side to control the volume of the audio description, and a dial on the left ear to control the over all volume of the headset.

When the movie began, I turned on the headphones and slipped them onto my head. The sound of the movie played in both ears, and lemme tell y’all, if you have trouble hearing, you won’t with these. You could turn those suckers up so loud, they crackled with noise. LOL

I had a little difficulty controlling the sound of the audio description, because there were real quiet parts of the movie and real loud ones. So, every little bit, I was reaching up to adjust it. My husband told me later, he could sometimes hear a little of the sound from 2 seats away, but it was not distracting at all. My daughter who sat between us never mentioned hearing anything from the headphones.

Audio description is what can either make or break a movie for a person who is blind. I honestly would not have went to see Endgame without it. Scenes happen so fast in the Avengers’ movies that a person sitting beside me would not have time to tell what is going on before something else happened, especially, if it was their first time seeing it.

Would I do it again? You mean, use the headphones or watch Endgame? LOL Both, of course. 🙂 A very good experience that folks with visual and hearing disabilities should try.

Oh, yeah, and you should go see the movie, if you haven’t, yet. 🙂


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