Some Advice for the Novice Homeschooler

**Please note: The writer of this blog, me, S. J. Wells is a follower of Jesus Christ, and therefore, my opinions and advice reflect my beliefs. If you are looking for advice with a more worldly view, look elsewhere.

Well, I survived week one of homeschool adventure number 10, and today I will keep my promise to write down some advice to those newer to homeschool. To read that post from last week, click on the following link.


Homeschool is a lifestyle, not just something you do. Take every opportunity to teach, but remember, you do not always have to announce this teaching moment to your kids. Nothing wrong in letting them think they are playing. LOL

Tears and books are not a good mix. During our first year of homeschool, my girls were 3 and 5,. It was also the year my grandmother died. Whenever the tears came, we put the books away, and that usually happened between 8:00 and 3:00, during school time. Later, when the tears dried up, we began again and learned more about the subject and each other than we had ever thought possible.

Remember the first of the 10 commandments. Nothing is more important than God, including your child’s education. Start your day at whatever time you want, but start it with Him. Read some Bible, have your little ones to draw the Bible story on paper, talk about the Scriptures, sing a favorite song from church, and pray. Join hands, bow your heads and call on the one who created your family. He will not fail you, and He will take your prayers and work miracles.

Remember the parable in Matthew 13 about the sower. You, dear parent are the sower, and your children are the good ground. Their hearts are open and ready for the seed, so take care what kind of seed you sow. Some kids are good at memorizing, some are good at math. Some learn with ease to read, and some struggle over every letter. You may not know in the beginning which type of learner your child is, and that’s ok. Just teach them to be learners. Show them how to find the answers.

And, for goodness sake, teach them that when it comes to math, yes, there is a right and a wrong answer. Guessing won’t work when they have to make change some day, and estimating will get them in trouble with their checkbook when they are an adult. Getting it wrong teaches us humility, and gives us a sense of accomplishment when we do finally get it right.

Ok, off my soap box now and back to advice. 🙂

Curriculum can be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be. I purchased most of what we needed from the Dollar Tree where everything is a dollar. God provided, and He will provide for you, as well.

I will probably think of much more to say after I publish this blog post. But, my best advice would be, if you believe that God wants you to homeschool, then go forth. For socialization, take your kids to church. Get them involved in kids’ church or youth group. Take them shopping, out to eat and to family and friends’ houses and teach them how to behave in the real world. Teach them to wash their clothes, clean up after the cat, sweep the floor, answer the phone, wash the dishes, to cook and clean, to enjoy make believe, to love books, to love God’s Word, to dream big, to pray, to love others as themselves, to not bad mouth those in authority, to lend a helping hand, to laugh, to share, to put others before themselves, to look for everyday blessings, and to love God with all their hearts.

Hmm, I kind of sound like that Titus 2 woman, don’t I?

Go in peace.

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