Secret Santa, Dill Pickle Soup, Cats, Teenagers, Bible and Writing

Now, wasn’t that title original?


I choose not to get involved in the secret Santa scam on Facebook.

I choose not to taste dill pickle soup.

Choose this day whom you will serve, either the gods your father’s served on the other side of the flood or the God who brought you out of bondage and fed you these forty years in the desert. As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15 Shannon’s paraphrased version.

I am Shannon, BTW. I just like a shorter name to sign when I’m signing books. 🙂

As for secret anything on social media, it is sort of self-explanatory, don’t you think?

Now, dill pickle soup is probably not a scam. It’s probably not a sin, either, but I just can’t bring myself to imagine it. If it is your thing, though, slurp it right up.

Did you know that baby cats who are barely 5 pounds like to eat the wires on earbuds? They also think that kitchen sinks are great playgrounds in the middle of the night.

Why do teenagers spend hours on end in the bathroom? Don’t answer that; I don’t think I want to know. LOL

What scares you? Loud noises? Change? Cats? Kids? Technology? Why are you afraid of these things? Are you able to talk about your fears? Have you ever thought about writing about them?

When something is difficult to talk about, it is sometimes easier to write about it. I’m exploring this in my newest WIP, where the main character wants to talk about her life, but some of it is just too hard. She writes her story, instead.

I heard a song writer say, “Try using the ordinary to explain the extraordinary.”

I’m wondering if I can turn that around and use the extraordinary to explain the ordinary.

I didn’t tell you that I had a bad night. But, you can infer this, because I mentioned the cat in the sink and eating the earbuds.

I didn’t tell you that I had been scrolling through Facebook, but you probably guessed as much, because I talked about dill pickle soup. You may have even seen the post.

As for teenagers, yep, I got one, and the 11-year-old is on her way there. LOL

I paraphrased a verse from the Bible, so you assume I read that verse this morning during my devotions.

What I want is to be a good writer. I want to tell you a story that not only entertains but makes you think and leads you to consider your relationship with God.

What I suspect is that I end up helping myself, more than anyone else.

Be blessed.

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