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A Thanksgiving Post

The rain is coming down out there this morning, providing a tune all its own. It’s soothing as I reach over and pet the cats, slide my fingers over the braille in my Bible, sip on a hot, cup of coffee, kiss my husband bye when he heads off to work.

At this time 20 years ago, he was asking me if I wanted to go look at rings. Today, he’s off to work another 10 hour shift, and I’m home with our girls and writing stories. What’s that hashtag? Living the dream?

You know, people who write books are called authors, and authors work to get their books published. But, what do song writers do with the songs they write? The duh answer is sing them, but to whom? When? And, what if they’re not that good of a singer?

The Lord gave me another song in the night. Usually, my songs tend to be evangelistic. This one is a praise and worship kind of song. I haven’t played it on the piano, yet, so I’m not sure of the tune, but I do know that it is a simple one. I’ll probably do it in A, when I get my voice back, but who will I sing it for?

I clicked the approve button for my audiobook this morning. In a week or 2, it will be live on Amazon and Audible. I am at peace and ready to move on to the next story. Still, it’s going to take a few days for the narrator’s voice to get out of my head.

When I get to Heaven, I’m going to ask God if I can drive a convertible down that golden street. By then, I’ll have a perfect body with eyes that work and a frame that will fit behind the wheel. I’m also going to ask if I can fly a plane. Do you reckon He will have airplanes there?

Blindness is hard, sometimes. Technology here on earth can make it easier, though. We have movies with audio description, iPhones with voiceover, apps that will read our money to us, color identifiers, talking thermometers, talking kitchen scales, balls with beepers in them so we can play ball, braille so we can read, canes to help us get around without falling all over the place, tactile dots with adhesive to mark our microwaves and washers and ovens, audiobooks, and a lot more that I can’t think of just now. I honestly believe, the sky is the limit.

The assistive device that I am afraid of learning to use is the talking glucose meter. Seriously, ya’ll, I hope it gets lost in the mail. I do not want to jab my finger with that thing, no matter how cool it is that it will announce blood sugar levels. Yes, of course, it’s a wonder, but, still.

Speaking of blood sugar, I need to go find something so mine doesn’t drop anymore. My prayer is that you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day, whether you live in the US or not. It’s not about turkey or what nationality you are; it’s about being thankful for what you have.

Go in grace and come back often. 🙂

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