Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Calebs story acx

Someone has a birthday this month, and to celebrate, I have posted a portion of his story for you to read for free. It’s on my “Free Reads” page, but here is the link to it, in case you’d like to share it.




The image above is of the cover for the audiobook. Be sure and check out “Caleb’s Story” in audio from audible. Here is the link to it.




Whether you choose the kindle version or the audio, or even the paperback, you will fall in love with Caleb’s story just as I did while writing it. Caleb and his family were very gracious in allowing me into their home and hearts.


As an added bonus, if you get the print editions, you’ll get to see a sample of Caleb’s paintings, which are not included in the audiobook. He is very talented, and the story talks about how he is able to paint using his mouth.


So, Caleb, here’s to you. May this birthday be the best ever, and may God continue to pour out His blessings on you and your family.


Happy reading, everyone!

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