Some Memories and a Parable

Sunshine. Blessed sunshine. I feel its warmth on my face through the kitchen window, and it reminds me of its brightness, which I have not seen for 20 years.

The Amish Friendship bread I had for breakfast reminds me of my math teacher in high school. She used to make it and bring it in for her students to enjoy. She even gave me a starter to take home after graduation. She passed away several years ago from cancer, but for a few minutes this morning, she and I were together in spirit.

Listening to a church service on Facebook, and the singer sounds like one I used to know when I was a child. Brings back good memories of services where God’s Spirit came down in abundance. Is it the same singer and piano player? Whether it is or not, he sure can tickle those ivories.

Wow! Oh, my, I’m thinking it is the same person. One thing that brings me joy is knowing that God is still alive and moving and working in His people.

Speaking of that, I was reading my Bible this morning and came across Luke chapter 8. Jesus tells a story about a farmer who threw out his seed. Some of it fell by the wayside or path, and the birds came and gobbled it up. Some fell among thorns. Some fell on the rocks. Then, some fell on good ground.

Jesus’ disciples were a might confused and asked their teacher to explain this story. Jesus told them that the seed is the Word of God. He said, the enemy came and ate the seed that fell on the path. The thorns or cares of this life grew up with the seed and choked it out. The seed that fell on the rocks withered when the sun came up, because it had no root. But, He went on to say that the seed that fell on good ground brought forth a hundredfold or one hundred times more.

I have to admit, listening to church online is weird, and I don’t like going to church this way. But, today the Lord showed me how a person who has not confessed faith for a long time was listening to a church service on FB live.

God’s Word will always go forth. It will get spoken. It will get told. Some of it falls out there where it can get eaten up. Some falls where it will get choked out. Some may even fall where it will take no root. But, there is good ground out there, and God’s Word will fall on that good ground, and it will take root and bring forth one hundred times more.

Lord, change my heart to be good round.

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