Happy New Year?

Are you glad 2020 is over? Do you feel different since the calendar changed to a new year? Have you made goals for 2021, or are you stuck in the thing you didn’t finish from last year?

“New Year, New You,” the Bible app said.

Meanwhile, some folks are just getting to celebrate Christmas with their family.

In my FB news feed this morning, several folks thanked everyone for praying for their loved one who had Covid or cancer. Then, their posts went on to say, “But, so-and-so went home to be with the Lord.”

None of the posts reported survival.

The sun is shining, and like my cats, I stand as long as I can in its warmth through the window, hoping it will seep into my soul. I need sunshine. We all need His Son shine.

My family spent Thanksgiving and Christmas Day at home, which is not the norm for us. I spent New Year’s Eve reading. My girls and I stayed up until after midnight, mostly because we didn’t want to be awakened by the fireworks display. New Year’s Day we spent at home, except for my husband who had to work. I have to admit, I don’t feel like saying “Happy New Year!”

Also, I have to confess, I’m half afraid to set goals for 2021. I did set many goals for 2020, and they were yanked right out from under my feet.

But, in this, I am reminded of a song.

“Under His feet, under His feet. There’s not a problem that you’ll face that He cannot meet. Whenever you’ve waded out too far in waters to deep, remember when waves are over your head, they’re under His feet.”

“Under His Feet” by The McKameys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfBElSt-h-0

Amen! Lifts my soul every time.

Two things I did complete in 2020 were my WIP tentatively titled, “Love’s Old Sweet Song” and an afghan.

The book is about Katie Colton, the daughter of former gunfighter, Gage Colton from my book, “Wild Heart”. More about that in the coming weeks.

The afghan is my version of the #HolidayBaublesBlanket which was a crochet-along from Cascade Yarns. The pattern can be found at


I’ll try to add pictures below.

Y’all be blessed, and I’ll write again, soon.

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