A Long Awaited Update

I’m sitting at my kitchen table, and the window in here is open. I’m listening to the rain and wondering why March isn’t going out like a lamb. It came in like a lion and appears to be going out the same way.

Reminds me of a song I once heard that said, “I didn’t leave like I came, oh no.”

The song talks about a person who went to church but didn’t leave in the same state that he arrived. He went in as an unbeliever and came out believing in the saving power of Jesus Christ.

But, I was talking about the weather, wasn’t I? An unpredictable thing, the weather. Yesterday it was in the mid 70’s. Today it’s raining and in the 50’s. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40’s with a chance of snow. Nope, you can’t depend on the weather.

Something else I have learned is unpredictable is the osteo arthritis pain troubling my knee. Sometimes, it’s debilitating. Other times, it’s almost nonexistent. I honestly think the pain waits until I’m least expecting it before it leaps out to bite me.

Oh, but wait, y’all didn’t click to read a complainer’s blog entry. LOL Forgive me. I have news to share!

The Lord has called me into the ministry, and in February, my church granted me a local license to preach. Since then, I have enrolled for classes at Nazarene Bible College. Scary, right? My classes don’t start until May, after homeschool is out for the summer, so I could use your prayers.

Through the winter I have been working on a new book. My daughters have been creating a cover for it, and I hope to publish soon. Well, I still have to write the ending, but I think you’re going to like it.

Have you read my book, “Wild Heart” about Gage and Shewana? Welll, Gage’s daughter is the heroine of this new book. As for the hero, he was in my book, “To Tame A Heart”, the story about the lady doctor, Faith and shewana’s brother, Deric.

If you want the links to those books, I’m pasting them at the end of this entry. Also, soon, Lord willing, I’ll be doing a cover reveal, so that y’all can see what a great job my girls have done.

There is yet another book I’m working on, but it needs more work. Just keep checking back often for updates.

I pray the peace of God finds you, as we leave March behind. Here’s hoping your spring is filled with new beginnings.

Now, to read my book, “Wild Heart” go to

The sequel to it, “To Tame A Heart” can be found at



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