Thoughts While Drinking My Coffee

Technology is great, until it isn’t. Machines do a lot of cool things, until they don’t do what we want. Sometimes, things work so well, we forget they can’t think for themselves. And, yet, machines thinking for themselves is what we definitely do not want. Remember The Matrix?

I spent most of my childhood hating sleep. Now, it seems like I can’t get enough. LOL

I’ve been thinking of Moses this morning. 40 days and nights on that mountain with God. I guess it’s ok if I spend an hour back in bed, praying. I wouldn’t mind falling asleep while praying, as long as I don’t wake up in the back of a boat with a storm ragingall around me. LOL Glad that if I do, Jesus has already been there and taken care of it.

Living in the city where someone could bring me a good breakfast would be so nice today. I could really go for some pancakes. I’m stuck with my own talents in the kitchen” though. Probably it’s best this way, after all. I mean, the last thing I need is lots of syrup.

Well, coffee’s getting cool, so I gotta wrap this up.

Last remarks? Let’s see. well, God is good. God is merciful and gracious, and He loves me even when I’m stupid. He knows how to comfort me and make me smile again. I’m going to praise Him even in my crazy.

Happy Friday, y’all.

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