Big Announcement!

Dear Readers,

You are probably wondering where I’ve been. You may have even forgot that you subscribed to this blog. 🙂

If you have been following me faithfully, you will remember I started taking classes last spring. Well, I will be starting more classes in a week or so on my way to becoming an ordained minister. I have a long way to go and hope you will keep me in prayer.

As for writing, well, it has been more college related, rather than fiction. I haven’t had much time to blog, as you can tell from visiting this site. I hope to correct this, but I cannot make any guarantees.

So, what’s the big announcement?

I am moving. Nope, not physically but here on the web. After Aug. 23, I will no longer be blogging on this site. If you want to keep up with me and my adventures as a woman who is blind, a minister, homeschooler and author, please come over to my new home on the internet and subscribe there. You can find me at


I’m still working on that blog, but there is a lot of content from several years ago to keep you reading.

I hope you’ll join me over there. Until then, have a great summer. 🙂

One thought on “Big Announcement!

  1. I’m so proud of you my prayers and thoughts will be with you every day I know that you can do this you are a very strong woman


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