For Children

windy blabs


Windy Blabs has a bad mouth. No matter how hard he tries he can not stop cursing and taking God’s name in vain. First, he asks his doctor for help, but when that doesn’t work, he tells his pastor, “I’m doomed. What should I do?”

With Scripture taken from the King James Version of the Holy Bible, Windy learns to trust in God for the change he needs, and soon his mouth is no longer so bad.

Watching our language is something everyone struggles with. Whether you are two years old or one hundred and two, the practical admonition that Windy Blabs learns will help you, too.


In 2015, Wells was teaching the youth at her church, when she wrote a lesson about a boy who despaired of ever controlling his language. The children loved Windy Blabs so much, she decided to put his story into a book for youth everywhere.


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