Ducking into UEB



UEB or unified English braille is the new standard for braille in the United States. Braille is the system of raised dots used by people who are blind in order to read. My friend, Anita Adkins, a braille teacher at the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind, needed a curriculum to teach UEB to her students. So, she wrote one. During the writing, she asked if I had any fictional material laying around that she could use. As it happened, I did have a fictional story written for children. It is called, “A Quackin’ Adventure”, and I gave it to her for her book. Through emails, phone calls and texts, we collaborated on several other shorter stories and songs to use for the exercises in the book, and in January 2017, we published “Ducking into UEB”, a textbook that teaches unified English braille to students in grades 4-12 and older readers.


You can find it in print and ebook onĀ Amazon.


To promote our book, Anita and I kept a blog for several months. It has tips and tricks for navigating a sighted world as a blind person, ideas to help your child or student who is blind and much more. Check it out at